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Run Club Subscription

The Best $9.97 You'll Ever Spend!

Do you struggle with getting motivated to run or study your Bible? Do you need a little extra Inspiration occasionally? What if you could hang out with someone who was always ready for a run and to talk about the parallels between faith and endurance? What if that person was full of enthusiasm and was dying to share it with you often?

Look no further! Run for God is taking Run Club to the next level. Combining their Devotions style storytelling with today’s technology of Youtube, Podcasting, and Facebook Live, Run for God's very own Dean Thompson is ready to share knowledge, inspiration, and enthusiasm with you each week. For a low monthly subscription cost of $9.97 you get that and more. In addition, and more importantly, you help Run for God share the Gospel with the running world! What do you say? Could you use a positive kick in the pants, both spiritually and physically? What are you waiting for? Sign up today, and cancel at anytime!

Access to Weekly Devotions Live - Video
Access to Weekly Devotions Live - Podcast
Weekly Run Club Email with exclusive discounts
Access to Run Club Merchandise
Weekly Motivational Texts from Dean
Run Club Decal
Access to ALL Run for God Training Plans (5K Through Marathon)
Access to Run Club Facebook Accountability Group
An Invitation to join Dean's Thoughts Live Weekly
Discount Code for 10% Off the Entire Run for God Store


What are Weekly Devotions Live?
Each week our very own "Running Guru" Dean Thompson will walk you through inspiring stories of people who have taken their love of running and their love for Christ and put them together in a way that is as unique as the people writing them.  
Dean also spends a lot of time thinking about running, we mean a lot, and he often comes up with topics that he loves to talk about and somehow always finds a way to point us back to Christ in the process.  Through the years we've coined these thoughts "Running Observations by Dean".  Pretty original huh?
Each week these LIVE devotions are brought to you through visually through YouTube, audibly through Podcast, and in writing through email.  Now you'll never miss your Devotion. 
What are Exclusive Discounts?
Once you are a part of "The Club", we may not have secret handshakes, but we've sure got secret discounts that we offer ONLY to our club members. Apparel, races, and all other kinds of goodies will be offered to you at great discounts.
You'll also get your very own code for a blanket 10% Discount off anything in the Run for God store at any time.
Dean is going to text me?
Accountability is the secret to to sustaining almost any kind of activity, and having someone in your corner that is cheering you on and the best thing you can have.  Dean is here for you, the entire Run for God Team is here for you, and yes, you'll get a text each week with some inspiring words of encouragement.
How do I adjust my account settings?
You can login to your subscription settings HERE.
Training Plans
This item alone is worth the subscription price for the next five years.  We've been doing this for a while now, and we know what it takes to run everything from a 5K to a marathon.  Once a member, you'll have access to all these secrets!
Accountability Group
This one is also worth its weight in Gold.  Surrounding yourself with people who think like you and have the same goals as you is one of the most important steps to success.  This Facebook Group is for Club Members only and each Thursday at 9:00PM Eastern, Dean will come on LIVE to discuss the Devotion of the week and to take any questions that you may have.  It's like having your own weekly meeting with a personal trainer.


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