Group Order Fit Kit

Group Order Fit Kit

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  • Run for God “FIT” Kit


    Please remember that we only have a limited number of "FIT Kits"  Once your KIT has been ordered, you will be placed in a rotation based on when your order was placed, and the next available KIT will be shipped to you.  Please return ASAP so that we can get your KIT onto someone else.  Thank You!

    We do have to charge shipping for the fit kits.  If you are ordering a group order and a fit kit, do so separately so that you are not charged shipping for your group order.

    Hello Instructors,

    We hope that this “FIT” Kit will make your life MUCH easier.  Simply bring this kit to your next class and allow your students to try on the enclosed t-shirts.  There are 4 things that you need to know.

    1.  Enclosed are Unisex (Green Shirts) and Ladies Specific Tee’s (Pink Shirts).  These sizes will be true across the “Competitor” and “Contender” lines, which is the bulk of what you see in the catalog and on the instructor store.

    Compatibility Chart

    Unisex Tee’s (Green Shirts)

    The Competitor Tee SS         

    The Competitor Tee LS              

    The Competitor Sleeveless Tee             

    The Contender Color Block Tee SS      

    The Contender Color Block Tee LS      

    The Contender Heathered Tee                 

    Ladies Specific Tee's (Pink Shirts)

    The Competitor Tee SS (Ladies)

    The Competitor Tee SS (Ladies V-Neck)

    The Competitor Tee LS (Ladies V-Neck)

    The Competitor Sleeveless Tee (Ladies)

    The Contender Color Block Tee (Ladies)

    The Contender Heathered Tee (Ladies)

    So the bottom line is that if you wear a ladies medium from the fit kit, you will also wear a medium in the Competitor Sleeveless Tee (Ladies)

    2.  Please return this fit kit within 7 days of receiving it or you will be subject to a $250 penalty.  We only have a few of these kits and there are many instructors just like you who need to use this kit.

    3.  Once you have finished using the kit, please return all of the contents along with this sheet of paper.  Please return the fit kit using the box in which it was mailed to you.  Return to:

    Run for God, LLC - 5 Blackstone Way - Dalton, GA 30721

    4.  Remember, you can download the catalog on the Instructor's Dashboard to e-mail your students.  Once they have tried on the items from the fit kit, they can place their order with confidence.

    If you have any questions, please e-mail